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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Mike Dixon and the Painting on the Wall

Last Saturday's Cuke Audio Podcast
we had early Shunryu Suzuki student Mike Dixon as a guest. Mike is still practicing zazen every day and is a highly successful artist. I wanted to end the podcast with some of Mike's jazz group's music but all he had was a CD from some years ago. They still are jamming so I hope we can get some of their current riffing to post. So the podcast ended with a song I wrote back in 1978 for a painting of Mike's I'd bought in 1966 at an art show to benefit the purchase of Tassajara. This is that painting and here's a link to the song - the Painting on the Wall. Read more about the painting at the bottom of the song page or Mike's cuke page.

Thanks Ethan Okamura for the photo of the painting