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Saturday, July 4, 2020

SR apologizing for boring Lotus Sutra lecture

This is an excerpt from 68-02-00-C that was posted a while back when we were taking excerpts from a prior series of Suzuki's lectures on the Lotus Sutra. I think these were the ones that I asked him if he might like to curtail or present differently or let us read and then riff on. I found this excerpt by just searching for "I'm sorry." But anyway, check this out:

Oh, I'm sorry. Maybe it is too tedious for you. (lots of laughter in this paragraph) I almost gave up already, so I can imagine how you feel. When I was young, I would go to school by train. As long as the train was going, I was sleeping, but when the train stopped, I woke up. I woke up suddenly because I had to get off. As long as my tedious lecture is going, you may sleep. If I stop my lecture, you should wake up. There will be no need to remember these things, you know. But you should know how complicated our dharma is. Very complicated, but very clear, you know. But to make it clear, we have to make a good effort. Sometimes it looks like some story, and you may think if you read those scriptures, that there's no truth in them, that they are just fairy tales or stories, but it is not so. The underlying thought is very deep and accurate. So as long as we are studying it, we should make it clear.