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Friday, July 16, 2021

My Amazon dot com review


Of Zen Is Right Now - cuke page for it

And here's the review I put on

Since I put this book together from the Cuke Archives, not only does my opinion not matter, but I don't really have one. I'm too close. But like with our children we love them no matter how good or bad they are so naturally I gave it five stars. Not that many people have seen the book yet because it just came out two days ago, but it's interesting the comparisons to its predecessor, Zen Is Right Here. Spirituality and Practice gave that original one an award for that year and wrote in their review, "Zen Is Right Now is perhaps even better.." There's an Amazon review that has the opposite opinion saying they liked the first one but not ZIRN which scrapped the bottom of the barrel. That's really insightful - recognizing the depth of the teachings therein - and because the bottom is where Suzuki and I both reside and that's where I scrape up all the accounts of him and quotes. I invite you to join us there and see what you think.