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Bill Schwobs Photos of Rinsoin, Zounin, and Shoganji

Rinsoin is Shunryu Suzuki's home temple in Japan. He was also abbot of Zounin. Shoganji is the temple where he was born.

Kiln at Rinsoin
Chitose and Hoitsu Suzuki, Suzuki's eldest son and present abbot of Rinsoin

Hatto interior, Rinsoin
Hatto interior, Rinsoin
Yasuko Oishi, Daughter of Shunryu Suzuki
Hoitsu at work
Hoitsu Suzuki & Shoko Okamoto (Abbot of Zounin) holding bow used by Shunryu Suzuki's teacher
Entrance gate to Shoganji
Zounin, Shunryu Suzuki's first Temple
Entrance to Rinsoin
Daughter of Hoitsu and Chitose with her students at the school where she teaches.
Entrance gate to Zounin
Hatto, Zounin, Shunryu Suzuki's first Temple
Garden Rinsoin
Lantern and Jizo along entrance road, Rinsoin
Hatto, Rinsoin
Jizo along entrance road, Rinsoin
Cicada on steps to bell tower, Rinsoin
Steps to Rinsoin
Shoganji, Shunryu Suzuki was born and raised here.
Bell, Rinsoin
Garden at Rinsoin
Tea house, Rinsoin
Chukonhi, monument to solders who have died in recent wars, moved to Rinsoin by Shunryu Suzuki

These days he's doing more sculpture - quite successfully. The magazine "Art Limited Magazine" put out a top ten list of the bests shows in each major city around the country and his show made the list for San Francisco (#7).

Thanks Sassy Hardy at the SFZC for scanning these photos and sending them to the cuke archives so we could all share them. - dc