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Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's 1am in Bali on the first day of 2015 and just had time to look at email learning that Dave Haselwood, early Suzuki student and publisher of Beats, died last night. Not unexpected. Dear friend gya to gya te. More later. - DC - thanks Elizabeth Sawyer

Joko Dave Haselwood cuke page with links to 1999 cuke interview and much more.
Late afternoon the next day, preparing to upload for US time.
Dave, as I knew him, started studying  with Shunryu Suzuki in 1963 and left after a year and a half. He said that a lot of grief started coming up during that time and he finally went to Shunryu Suzuki to mention he needed to leave, that he could not take the grief anymore and was surprised that Suzuki didn't oppose his desire to leave and told him “you try and try and fail and fail and then you go deeper”. Later he studied with Jakusho Bill Kwong for 15 years, was ordained as a priest, and then with Jisho Carey Warner for the past 14 years from whom he got re-ordained and eventually received Dharma transmission. He lived in Sonoma County where I was for sixteen years and I'd frequently drop by his funky little sheep farm in Cotati to chat with him.  A son and a daughter lived with him there. There were two houses and a barn and over twenty sheep in the field. Continued seeing him after moving to San Rafael. Took Richard Baker by for a visit a couple of years ago. Saw him shortly before leaving for Asia a year ago.
Dave was a publisher in the fifties and sixties, the first to publish Michael McClure, whom he came to California with from the Midwest, and Philip Whalen. He'd been in close touch with McClure in recent years and said that McClure read and listened to his lectures. Dave was a soft-spoken, gentle, humble, insightful person. Farewell Dave. - DC

Big Mind -  excerpt from Shunryu Suzuki lecture as presented on though I edit them a little from the verbatim. - DC

Blew it again. Katrinka and I were heading off to New Year's Eve dinner, a short walk, when she had to go back to put on other shoes as she was getting a blister, having walked about two miles back home earlier. Thank gosh she did cause as soon as we got back, it started pouring rain. - more in Saunters

Oh yes - Happy New Year.