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Monday, June 1, 2015

Theft in Bali

Week ago tennis buddy Scott showed me his new smart phone. He and his wife got new ones on special - his for a million and a third IDR - Indonesian rupiah - about a hundred bucks. Then today he said his wife had lost hers already. Not really lost. Their taylor of five years was with her in the house. She went upstairs to get some money for him, came down, he was out on the porch. She paid him, came back in and noticed her new smart phone was no longer on the table by where they'd been.

A search and then no, he had to have taken it. Police said they'd bring him in and if he had it they'd sell it back to her. She and hubby said they'd talk to him privately. He came over. Wouldn't admit he'd taken it. Finally said, "Maybe I'm wrong and maybe you're wrong, but how about," and he offered to give her a million and a half to forget it. Maybe she'd bought a more expensive one than Scott got. They doubt they'll see that money but won't worry about it anymore. Scott said the poor guy has two wives, legal in Indonesia, and ten kids.  And he doesn't get back in their house. I wonder if they'll get another taylor.

More on theft tomorrow. - dc