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Monday, June 1, 2020

A Story about Suzuki from the Thirties

Priest's Tale by David Barrow - transciption and original in the author's hand

Sent to DC in 1996 by Harry Ransom Rose, the adopted son of Nona Ransom. the transcription includes Harry Rose's introduction to the story Priest's Tale which is under the heading Crooked Brim. This use of crooked is unrelated to Suzuki's moniker we think. Rose suggests it may have been the title of various pieces he was writing about his trip to Japan and China. Here's what Harry wrote me about him before he found that story.

The only person I can identify who went to Japan with Nona, before the war, was a British Army Officer called David Barrow, the son of an Army General, who was killed towards the end of the war in Europe. I had met him and also his Father in England. I believe David had met Suzuki. There was no direct relative of Nona's in China or Japan in her lifetime.
3rd February 1996.

Nona Ransom page with link to letter from Rose about her.