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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Email on DC Books

Someone just wrote me a nice note and in it they said:

I have been a fan of two of your books over the years. I read Crooked Cucumber every year or so and get much new out of it every time. Coincidentally, I am now reading I'm OK Thank You right now for the second time.

Wow. - I'm OK Thank You.

It's so interesting to me to see this dear reader call the book, Thank You and OK!, --- I'm OK Thank You. They are not alone in doing that. I thought for sure that Thank You and OK would be a catchy title - - using the two most widely known and used English phrases - but it's anything but that, maybe because it goes against the grain for those two phrases to be used together. It's not my original phrase though. It's from a Japanese advertisement on a large box of matches that plays a key role in the book. Over and over through the years people have referred to Thank You and OK by some hybrid name, often mixing it up with I'm OK, You're OK. I think I've lost incalculable sales through the years because the book is well received by those who've read it - and I still hear about it like in this email - fairly regularly - like once every month or so. Mainly people get the title mixed up in speech, but in writing sometime also as in this example. But then when someone who heard about it goes to Amazon or a store and asks for some name that's only somewhat Thank You and OK they'll not find it.

Now I like the title because of this phenomena which accompanies it through the decades. It's been a most curious experience.  And isn't the cover a masterpiece. - dc

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