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Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Card Reading Gone Wrong

Clay and I were visiting with Mike Gilmore in Desert Springs a few years back. Mike was an old Zennie who was the worst drunk we ever had at ZC that I can remember. He sobered up in the early eighties and became a rather successful artist and Tarot reader to folks in that area.
He used a standard deck of cards. Had a different sort of system than what I'm used to seeing. Needed a birthday before he started. Stuff like that is fun and it's hard not to pay rapt attention, but I've always preferred winging it with intuition rather than getting too into interpretive systems. So Clay's birthday is April 19th - just a few days ago - and Mike took that in and looked at the cards and began saying things which I don't recall except that I kept saying to him, "No, no, no, that's not him at all." And Mike said, "The cards are never wrong," and I said yeah he'd been more on before but this was not on - it was off. Then he did a double take and went, "Oh no - I made a mistake - I was reading for April 20th." "Well that's Hitler, not my sweet Clay," I said. So Mike started giving another reading and then I had to say he'd nailed Clay. Yep yep yep. That's him. That was an interesting little accidental test. Mike Passed on a few years back. - Read his cuke interview. DC