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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dr. Grace Damman Reflects on the Experience of Filming States of Grace

From the SFZC's Sangha News

Grace has come a long way from the day a car slammed into hers on the Golden Gate Bridge. What an effort! 

That bridge is dangerous. When we first got Green Gulch there was an unofficial rule not to drive in the left-hand lane. Some cab and trucking companies had that rule. I've always followed that rule and insisted other drivers do so if I or my kids are in the car. I remember once a car with FBI agents ran into a car with Russian consulate employees, one of which died (as I recall). There's always some plan being discussed or promoted to get a barrier between the traffic going both ways. When rush hour traffic subsides they closed off one or both left hand lanes with traffic cones - until this year. Now, thanks to the efforts of Grace and others, 
A new steel barrier has been placed between the north and south lanes for safety reasons and is designed to prevent head-on collisions [Sputnik news from Moscow]. Movable barrier makes debut on Golden Gate Bridge [Santa Rosa Press Democrat]. I wonder if that's in the movie. I didn't know about it and learned in the middle of writing just was installed in January of this year. Good going Grace. - dc Linking to this in ZC Stories.