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Monday, November 21, 2016

On a more positive note

“Those who study the way do not understand if the way is open or closed.” Dogen means that to study the way with the idea of gaining something we need as if we were poor beggars means that we don't know if the way is open or closed. But the truth is that we are not beggars and the way is always wide open. To seek for something special is to ignore what we have. Zen teaches us that our pockets are full of treasure right now and that Zen will not add anything to what we already have. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Excerpt from Tony Artino notes from Shunryu Suzuki lecture 67-04-02. Edited by DC - Shunryu Suzuki lecture excerpts on - from there links to much more. - Go to What's New (now at blogger) to see more daily posts.